Working with Famly

Hungry Caterpillars teamed up with Famly about two years ago after we found our old system was not fulfilling the needs of the company. Since jumping on board with the new system, we have had nothing but good things to say about the business side as well as the tracking aspect of the app. The whole team find it very easy to use and compared it to other social media sites, so all the staff are already familiar with the layout and design. By doing all the children’s observations through Famly, and going paperless, which ties into the nurseries Eco-project, it has saved the practitioners a lot of time, time they have used to focus more on the children and the nursery activities.

Famly also has the news feed tab, which allows us to contact the parents instantly. It has been a great aid in building the relationships between our practitioners and the parents. On the business side of the app, it has made payments and direct debits much easier to process and the whole system more streamline, it has saved our staff many hours.


Please watch the short video below, created by the wonderful team at Famly.

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