How To Make A Virtual Tour?

By Monique Migallos (Virtual Tour Expert)
Deputy Manager, Northolt Branch

Covid-19 has changed the childcare industry, and has introduced us to the wonders of virtual tours of our nurseries. If you want to learn how to make one inhouse, keep reading…

Eye-catching is key…

It’s easy enough taking a video in one spot for a couple of seconds and then moving onto the next. To make a video that catches viewer’s eyes capturing the right angles and the right lighting. As a side note, if you want to make an interesting video of your nursery, avoid 360 picture views. They’re lifeless and unappealing!

Aesthetics is key! Below you’ll find original shot of our nursery garden and then the last three shots at the bottom is of the same picture with added effects. Filters and effects are great to give any picture a definitive theme; I personally prefer the natural, purest form of a picture. So I opted for pure sunlight as my natural lighting and it really brings out the life and colours of my natural theme. Earthy, bright, summer tones are great for that vibrant, inviting effect you want for your nursery virtual tour.

Angles, angles, angles…

Angles really make a shot. Is it better to get a close up or does it work as a long shot? What’s the focal point? What do you want your viewers to see?

This is a shot of our art area in the pre-school room. You see everything you need to see. I see activities, I see resources and I see creativity. The shot is not overwhelmed with colours, the natural theme our nursery follows already tells us our aim is to build and create, and imagination and curiosity is our focal point.

Close up and slow rotation shots are great when you’re moving around from one end of the room to the other. Give your video variety, get down to the children’s level and show parents what our children will see when they’re with us.

What angles work? Long shots are great to see that overall picture but giving it a slight tilt will make your picture less linear and allow more freedom and edginess to your final outcome.

Here are a few examples of some shots in our nursery rooms.

Have fun…

Have fun with what you’re shooting! Capture key items in your shot to emphasize what areas you’re trying to convey to your parents. In the video below, I’ve compiled three shots; it lasts for 14 seconds and shows you the path to the garden and the opening. In those 14 seconds you’re brought into a bright, beautiful sunny day, a simple walk down the path to a stunning shot of the garden sign. Surrounded by vines of plants, trees and blossoming flowers against that blue-sky backdrop. It’s inviting and its happy!

Tell your story…

Why do we think your children will be happy at our nursery? Your virtual tour must answer that simple question. Angles, lighting, focal points, speed and themes are what make a great video.

For larger nurseries, while it can be tempting to show everything, try to focus on showing off what is special about you and will answer questions before parents can ask them! E.g. what are the different areas? What does it have? What sets you apart from other nurseries?

The tour will be your voice, tell your story and I’m sure they’ll love what they hear and see.

Ready to get started? Watch our virtual tour for some inspiration…