Help spread the importance of early years funding!

Are you struggling to pay for childcare? If so, you are not alone. As the cost of childcare is increasing, there are many families in the UK finding it difficult to afford the cost. However, there is hope. Every year, The All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) hold a Childcare Week, allowing families to voice their concerns.

What is Childcare Week?

APPG’s Childcare week is an essential initiative that aims to increase awareness about the need for accessible and affordable childcare. It allows parents and carers to come together collectively to talk about the continuous issues and gives them a chance to make a difference. By sharing our own experiences is a crucial way in which we can collectively show our support to the APPG’s Childcare Week as it can help to build a case for increased funding for Early Years.

If you are reading this and you are a parent or carer, please get involved!

How do I get involved?

We encourage you to share your own experiences and successes however you can also attend rallies and events, write to your local MP and join the action on social media.

Write to your local MP

APPG encourages families to write to their local MP as part of Childcare Week to raise all of their worries about the increasing cost of childcare. This is believed to be an impactful way to get your voice heard and to ensure the MP is made aware that this is an issue that is affecting many families across the UK.

A good place to start when writing to your MP is to start off by explaining your situation and why you believe the increasing cost of childcare is a major concern. It would also be good to include some suggestions for possible solutions or ideas. For example, increasing government funding for early years education. If you are a working family, you could also suggest providing tax credits.

Tops Day Nurseries have provided a wonderful letter template here!

Join the conversation on social media!

By searching the hashtags associated with the campaign, you will find out what other nurseries and families are doing to help make a difference. These hashtags are,#ChildcareandEarlyEducationWeek, #FundEarlyYears, #CEEAPPG

. You can also include these hashtags within your own social media posts to help share your stories and experiences.

Some employees at Hungry Caterpillars will be making videos to share on social media discussing how vital the early year’s sector is for children’s growth and development so keep your eye out to see those across our social media platforms in the coming weeks.

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