Hungry Caterpillars Superstar Awards Day 2022

We are delighted to share with you the fantastic day we had on the 2nd December at our ‘Superstar Awards Day’. The whole day was about celebrating our team and the amazing job they do supporting our children and families.

The morning was filled with company news and plans for the year ahead. This was then followed by the wonderful Emma Saccomani an external trainer and speaker specialising in wellbeing and mental health in the workplace. Emma’s session resonated with us all and shared strategies to support us to cope with the tougher moments in our lives. In addition there were lots of tips for day to day wellbeing self-care that we can all put in place to support ourselves. As a company, we want to try and provide our staff with everything they need to help their mental health and well-being especially in these hard times.

The morning was filled with company news and plans for the year ahead. Tim and Olivia, the directors launched two great new initiatives for 2023. Launch one, was the fab new benefit portal for our team. It is a one-stop shop for all the many benefits we offer our staff with the addition of retail, restaurant, gym and supermarket discounts and comprehensive wellbeing / EAP support. Launch two was the bringing together of all the strands of training and development we offer under one branded logo. This launch will see our apprenticeship program continue to develop to support new comers to the industry to build a career and gain a qualification. We were able to confirm the return to face-to-face training days (rather than site based) with Caren Carpenter at the helm of 2023’s program. We have lots planned for 2023 and the continuous professional development of our team. Plans include working with external trainers / industry professionals, delivery of bitesized training for staff and a program of workshops for parents in areas such as first aid, transition to school and the EYFS. We will also be re-launching our future and developing leaders program to ensure the progression and development opportunities are available at each stage of our team’s career.

Throughout the day, there were additional activities which included, Elf on the shelf, Chef Bake off and best dressed which everyone enjoyed.

The awards ceremony took place in the afternoon and it was finally onto the bit we had all been waiting for… Please see below our Superstar Awards Day 2022 Newsletter to find out the winners and see pictures from the day!

We want to say a huge congratulations to all the winners and high commended as well as a big thank you to all of our staff for your constant hard work and dedication this year.