Healthy Eating at Nursery

At Hungry Caterpillars healthy eating is not just about what we put on the children’s plate each day. It’s about educating the children and giving them the knowledge and independence to make healthy choices that we hope, will last for the rest of their lives.

"We have a huge responsibility to make sure the food served is of the best quality"

For some children, who attend daily, nursery meals make up the majority of their weekly nutritional intake. This is a massive responsibility whether it is one meal a week or ten! Therefore we aim to ensure that everything the children eat is of the best quality, our menus are nutritionally balanced and above all the children enjoy their food. We feel passionately about this and therefore follow the respected "Children’s Food Trust" guidance on promoting and supporting healthy eating in early years and guarantee that the food we serve your children is high quality, freshly prepared and nutritionally balanced.

We are really lucky to have a team of talented and passionate Chef’s working with us to create these fantastic meals for the children. Our chefs love coming up with new ways to excite the children with food and even enjoy getting out of the kitchen and into the nursery to cook with them!

Specific Dietary Requirements

We assure you that all of your child’s dietary needs will be met whilst they are at nursery. Our staff and Chefs are fully trained to understand the specific dietary requirements of different aged children, as well as those with allergies or cultural preferences. Our daily menus include a vegetarian option and cooking from fresh means all meals can be easily adapted to meet the needs of individual children.

Healthy Packed Lunches at Nursery

Some children attending funded sessions can opt out of cooked lunch/tea at nursery. It’s vital for those children that the food provided from home meets with our healthy eating guidance. Our aim is for all children to benefit from eating a healthy and well balanced diet. More information and guidance on healthy packed lunches is available from the Children’s Food Trust at:

Drinks at Nursery

Children have access to water throughout the day as well as at meal times. Milk is served to all children at breakfast time. Babies are catered for in line with their age and individual needs.