Staff Training Day at Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries

Superstar Staff Awards Ceremony


On the 5th of December the entire Hungry Caterpillars team gathered for our final training day of the year.

The day was dedicated to celebrating the achievement of individuals and nurseries across the company and concluded with our first ever “Superstar Staff Award Ceremony”.  Awards were given for a variety of achievements:

Each nursery team were asked to participate in the festive themed  Hungry Caterpillar Bake Off.  The vast array of wonderful cakes were judged by Olivia, the Director of Hungry Caterpillars.
1st place based on taste and presentation were awarded to the team at our Northolt Nursery. We know where to go to have our cup of tea and cake from now on!


Best Attendance
Head office reviewed individual staff attendance across the year and recognised those with the best attendance throughout the year with an award and gift voucher.

Well done to the follow staff:

  • Acton: Maria Pissedu, Rahma Abdi
  • Acton Park: Shqipe Simnica, Kalthoum Harizi
  • Hathaway: Caren Carpenter, Lisa Rae, Azzedine Tigherassine
  • Head Office: Sam Rumble, Janice Busby
  • Northolt: Natisha Dundas-Allard
  • Northwood: Emily Demitriou
  • Stanburn: Andreia Cepoi, Jugnu Hemnani, Ioana Moldovan, Baljit Bulsara
  • West Twyford: Ela Konyardi, Kaysha Isaac-Corbin, Cosmina Buluceu
  • Yeading: Claudine Fearon, Makaela Peters, Colleen Farrell, Ranjeet Dosajh
Long Standing Staff

Olivia and Tim particularly wanted to show appreciation for the longest serving members of the team who have seen many changes not only at Hungry Caterpillars but overall in the sector.  Throughout that time they have remained dedicated to their vocation and the children and families at Hungry Caterpillars. An award and gift voucher was presented to all staff that have been part of our team for over 5 years.


Our appreciation goes to:

  • Sam Rumble, Head Office – Started June 2008.
  • Hannah Odero, Hathaway – Started September 2005
  • Chelsey Gilder, Northolt – Started September 2009
  • Shenaz Amersi, Northwood – Started January 2008
  • Claudine Fearon, Yeading – Started February 2005
  • Kamaljit Matharu, Yeading – Started August 2008


Peer Nominated Awards
This was a very special category in which staff had the opportunity  to nominate their colleagues for a variety of awards which  recognise those that have gone above and beyond in 2014.
Each nominee should be very proud that their peers recognise their  skills and what they bring to the team. Childcare is team work after  all, none of us could do it alone.


The category winners are:

  • Happiest Staff Member: Chloe Chislett from Yeading Nursery
  • Best at Planning: Sasha Northam from Acton Park Nursery
  • Best Parent Partnership: Sarah Wardlow at Northwood Nursery
  • Most Creative: Lisa Rae at Hathaway Nursery
  • Best Appearance: Amisha Joshi at Perivale Nursery
  • Staff Member who best personifies what we are: Lisa Rae at Hathaway
  • Best Newcomer Practitioner: Christopher Hamblin at Yeading Nursery
  • Best Apprentice: Hina Siddique at Acton Park Nursery
  • Staff member always willing to go the ‘extra mile’: Kam Matharu at Yeading Nursery


The Best of the Best
Our final and most prestigious awards, which were also nominated by managers and their teams were as follows…


Support Role of the Year
Jackie Picot – Head Office
Since taking on the role of fees administrator Jackie has given much needed clarity, consistency, knowledge and support. Her nursery colleagues feels that she will go above and beyond to support where needed and to be able to follow up with prompt actions. Well done Jackie!


Nursery Apprentice of the Year
Kerys O’Sullivan – Yeading
Our worthy NMT finalist and in our eyes a true winner! Kerys took the challenge of coming out of a well achieved sector to come into childcare. Since this decision Kerys has given commitment, determination and embracing all areas of her chosen profession. Kerys will go above and beyond her role.


Nursery Practitioner of the Year
Natasha Bennett – Acton
Overwhelmingly nominated by her peers Natasha has had a challenging and rocky start to her management career since being at Acton. With a struggling site and an enormous amount of change at senior personnel level Natasha has shown real staying power, loyalty, eagerness to learn and improve and adopt systems. Natasha strives for the best not only for her own development but for others around her. Natasha has forged strong key relationships with our traveller families and become a key figure within our Hungry Caterpillar community. Natasha is growing from strength to strength. Well done!


Best Outdoor Environment
Acton Park
 Clear, loaded and defined areas with an abundance of learning  and teaching opportunities.  Continual growing activities and  specific attention to detail with activities. Even with  the challenge of nature this area is beautifully set out daily.




Best Indoor Environment

 Always bright, clean, organised and meaningful with detailed  learning environment and so  much pride and effort goes into every detail. Any diversity is always met with a calm eye to  detail and they manage to display in every area child led, focus and spontaneity. A recent  Harrow audit of the indoor surrounds was exemplary, our Stanburn nursery goes from  strength to strength.




Manager of the Year
Clare Porter

Overwhelming amount of votes from a range of Hungry Caterpillar colleagues who have found Clare’s dogged determination, pearls of wisdom and guidance to achieve the best of others. Clare demonstrates and shares Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries vision and committed to not only the Company but her profession. Clare’s biggest achievement is to shape, lead and develop a struggling Ofsted graded ‘requires improvement’ nursery and of real concern to the Directors and Operations team. In the short time since her leadership the team are settled, progressing and positive feedback from internal and external partners. The gratitude and comments from the parents, her team and external professionals speaks volumes. Clare’s senior role has also not gone unnoticed with her sage advice and follows up on challenging and difficult issues around SEN and operations. Clare is a worthy Manager of the year!

RUNNER UP – Nursery of the Year

 Yeading has the daily task of sharing a somewhat challenging  environment and one they do  incredibly well with their set up, layout  and seeing the rooms through Child’s eyes. The team are some of  our long standing individuals showing clear commitment and loyalty to  not only their chosen profession but to Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries. This is evident through internal and external parties commenting on strong child interactions that they are committed to the care and well being of their children continually. Well done!

Nursery of the Year

 All year round beautiful indoor and out, a team of passionate and  innovative members  with an abundance of ideas around embracing  families and desire to achieve excellence. The team have clear champions in place and support this vision of our Company. A strong  and founded management team with a clear vision and action plan of  where they need to be and heading too. Always putting themselves forward for media and marketing events –  recent Bird House challenge for Nursery World. Hathaway over the year has maintained excellence and time after time have been a bedrock of support to other sites. A worthy winner for 2014.
Overall the award ceremony was a fantastic success and a fabulous end to a busy year at Hungry Caterpillars. Well done to all the winners and those that were nominated and a big thank you to the whole team for a great years work.

Best wishes

Olivia Foley, Founder of Hungry Caterpillars
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