At Hungry Caterpillars, we love to see everyone grow in their careers, so every year we run five whole company-training days. In our October training day, we covered a large range of topics such as Boogie Mites training, Paediatric First Aid and Mental Health First Aid, our FDLP training and more.

Throughout the day, we have some great trainers come in to deliver these sessions such as Tigerlily for the First Aid. We had a large group either completing their First Aid as a re-fresher or going through the course for the first time. We had a few trainers come through and they were great, everyone was engaged with them and they helped the team run through scenarios helping them every step.

Tigerlily were also kind enough to run our Mental First Aid course at the training day. Each nursery assigned either one or two team members to complete the course, making sure every nursery had someone there as the first point of call for parents and staff.  They gave the staff great advise from what they should look out for to who is the best people to contact in various situations.

We already use Boogie Mites throughout our 11 nurseries but this training day gave the opportunity for staff that are not that confident with Boogie Mites or staff who would like to introduce it to their room. This was a fun and expressive training session from creating rhythms to learning the neuroscience aspect behind it.

We also had some of our Senior Leadership team provide some great training to the staff on The Curiosity Approach and how we want to implement it within our nurseries as well as making the staff aware of the new framework for the Ofsted visits.