With being a male still very active with the children, championing their families but now with an added edge of being more as a leader and motivator for a developing and wonderful Company that is growing from strength to strength. I still pull on what brought me into childcare so many years ago as an Apprentice working for a large organisation and that is for seeing individual children grow and develop regardless of background or ability. Now, in my position as part of the senior management team I have the added advantage of seeing this growth happen all around me but also helping a wide range of families with the growing complexity of what bringing children into the world holds in the 21st century. We are blessed within Hungry Caterpillars to have so many able male practitioners with us covering a range of roles. Please do take some time to read what drives, motivates and how they see themselves within what is still a very much female dominated industry… Happy reading!

Chris Roblett, Operations Manager



“When I was younger, I spent a lot of time caring for my little sister, who has additional needs, I really enjoyed watching her grow and develop over the years which then inspired me to search for a career in childcare. I really enjoy being with the children every day and helping them learn and develop.” – Danilo Sabudin, Nursery Apprentice, Acton.

anthony“I came from a family who has a background in childcare, my parents were foster carers so I spent a lot of my time helping and supporting children. This is what lead me to wanting to work in the childcare environment, as it seemed like a natural step in my career. I enjoy my job as helping others is something that I am passionate about.” – Anthony Cassidy, Nursery Practitioner, Acton.

nana2“I wanted to work in childcare was I had an innate passion for working with young children, I spent a lot of time in hospital as a child and it inspired me to help other children grow and develop.” – Nana Agyapong, Nursery Practitioner, Acton.

Dean” I have worked for Hungry Caterpillars for 3 years as an After School Club Practitioner and Nursery Assistant. I have found that being a male in this industry is great as I can express my passion for sport and physical activities and share it with the children. I would fully recommend childcare to anyone who likes to be kept on their toes and enjoys a varied job role.” – Dean Tomlin, Out of School Practitioner, Hathaway.

kevin“I enjoy working with children because I love caring for them as I take care of my own brother & sister. I would recommend this role not only as job but as a good experience to learn how children think, grow & develop.” – Kevin Kalaini, Nursery Apprentice, Hathaway.

chad“I enjoy working in childcare because it gives me joy and satisfaction and it also helps me learn new things. I enjoy playing music with the children and reading new stories, as well as doing new activities with them. It is fun working with the staff and having fun with the children. It is good to learn new things with the children and it can be a challenge which I also enjoy taking on. Each day is different and the children are always learning new things, which in turn helps me to learn as well what each child likes and enjoys.” – Chad Tilston, Nursery Practitioner, Acton Park.


“Working in a childcare environment can be challenging as well as rewarding. Up until infant school age, it is so important for children to get the right balanced diet to start them off in life. The challenging part is at that age children’s immune system have not  developed fully , they can be really fussy when it comes eating, especially  children trying food from different cultures, who are not used to other types of food, but  not forgetting food tolerances, which probably is, the most important factor in my job . I cook everything from scratch ensuring I use the best ingredients and know exactly what is in each dish. The rewarding part comes when the children realise food is good for you and they enjoy their meals .I have  realise that food tolerances and cultures are no barrier when it comes to providing a healthy well balanced diet for a large range of dietary need Which  I provide for the children at Hungry Caterpillars in Yeading. The icing on the cake is when children come in and asks “what is for lunch/tea Kenny?” That lets me know they enjoy the meals I prepare for them and the battle has been won.” – Kenny Dunton, Nursery Cook, Yeading.


“I love my post as maintenance person at Hungry Caterpillar day nurseries & enjoy looking to improve surroundings.  It’s rewarding to be a part of a team that brings optimum opportunity for young children’s’ creativity. I take great satisfaction creating children’s play/physical skills equipment & know I am positively contributing towards an enriching & happy learning environment. ” – Luis Colaco, Maintenance.


simon“I enjoy working as maintenance person at the nurseries because the children are always interested in the tasks that I am doing, whether I am just repairing something or building something new, they show such fascination and even refer to me as ‘Bob the Builder’. It’s great to see their excitement when I arrive at the nurseries and now all the children know my name which is really nice.” – Simon Picot, Maintenance.