Caterpillar Chat Issue 1 Article

“We have so much time and so little to do”

Willy Wonker, Roald Dahl


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If only this statement was true! As the world famous ‘Willy Wonker’ goes onto say “strike that, reverse it”.  The truth is time speeds by, hours turn into days, days turn into months and months turn into years.  Before you know, it a decade or more has passed and you didn’t always have the time to sit back and enjoy the moments as they passed.  Well that’s my story, but probably true of most busy working parents, flying around and juggling to keep all the balls in the air.

I’m dropping one of my balls in September, so juggling is going to be easier from now on.  Hurray you hear me shout. Well actually I’m not exactly shouting with joy.  My eldest daughter Elysia is heading to University.  I’m so proud of her.  All her hard work has paid off.  Fantastic!   But… there is always a but! What it really means is that I drop her off in Liverpool in 2 weeks time. Hundreds of miles away from home, away from our family and home life won’t be the same again.  It’s a brand new phase in our lives and I’m missing her already.  She hasn’t even gone yet!  I think it’s a feeling all parents can relate too:

You’re happy your baby is sleeping through the night but miss the special times you spent together at 3am in the morning when the rest of the house slept.

You’re happy your child has learnt to walk but what happened to those cosy days of cuddles and crawling?

You’re happy your child has settled so well at nursery but sort of miss that ‘needy look’ they gave when you dropped them off.  Now they don’t look back but just run off to play with their friends.

It’s not easy being a parent and letting go is probably the hardest thing of all.  I’m lucky I still have two of my babies at home (at 11 and 13 maybe ‘babies’ is probably not the right term??).  I have many years of family life ahead but I’m learning to adjust and slowly mentally preparing myself for life without a house full of children.  Even though it seems like a dot on the horizon and too far ahead to worry about.  It will come around for all of us soon enough so make sure you take time to sit back and enjoy the moments as they happen.  You only get one chance and this is it!

PS:  Got to run as I need to start planning my mini breaks to Liverpool – it’s going to be amazing!


Olivia Foley

Founder & Director

Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries Ltd.

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