Hungry Caterpillar Superstar Staff Awards 2017

On Friday 8th December, the entire Hungry Caterpillar team gathered at Trailfinders Sports Club for our final staff training day of 2017. The day was dedicated to celebrating the achievements of individuals and nurseries across the company. I’m sure you will join us in congratulating our 2017 winners for their amazing achievements.

 Nursery of the Year – PERIVALE

One of our smallest nurseries, Perivale never fails to sparkle and we are so proud that Ofsted was recently able to see this in detail in their ability to gain Outstanding. As one of the smallest of teams they have never let this be a barrier to their success. You always get a sense of the joy and learning going on within the nursery and it is evident in the board displays and the happy faces that the children love being there. The nursery always feels warm, engaging and happy and they continually modify and make changes to both the indoor and outdoor learning environment. In addition, Perivale’s relationship with the Children Centre and School continues to go from strength to strength which further supports the families and children attending. Perivale deserve this award for its consistent approach and never failing high standards! Well done

 Outdoor Learning Environment of the Year – ACTON PARK

If there is ever a garden that continually fights the hazards of nature it is Acton Park. Acton Park deserves this award if for nothing else for the team’s continual fight against the leaf! They have never let the leaf win yet! From the very start of the day to the end the garden is always alive with fantastically loaded and well thought out learning areas that really come to life. Every part of the environment is detailed to a very high standard and care. The children are able to gain so much from the environment and you can see by the high levels of engagement that they want to be there and are making fantastic progress each and every day. Well done

Indoor Learning Environment of the Year – NORTHOLT


Northolt have consistently maintained, taken on other view points and built their indoor environment, taking it to the next level. They work hard to make sure that learning is embedded and take on views and guidance with professionalism and an eagerness to succeed. Displays are of a continually high standard and meaningful to the children’s needs and you can tell that the children and staff have had a huge amount of fun in creating them. The indoor layout gives children the space and awareness to develop their play with confidence and allows them to achieve their full potential. Well done

Nursery Team of the Year – ACTON PARK

This team goes above and beyond, every member takes huge pride and commitment to delivering the very best of learning environments. They wouldn’t think twice about staying late – dare I say come in on the weekend to develop an area ready for the children to see first thing Monday morning. They have a real work and personal bond and this just shows though parental feedback, senior visits and no practitioner in 2017 who has visited Acton Park could have come away without feeling a wow! Acton Park also know where they are heading and what areas they need to develop but they do this by talking to each other and working together. They are truly a team that should be duplicated across the board and if everyone can take a little of Acton Park’s sparkle they will be shine a little brighter. Well done to the Acton Park Team!

Nursery  Manager of the Year – SASHA  (Acton Park)


What a year for Sasha! Sasha truly deserves this accolade and has gone from strength to strength. Under her leadership and management she has turned Acton Park into a nursery that we were having some slight sleepless nights over to one that is and has been continually high occupancy with the smallest amount of staff turnover. The parents adore her and she has been a real work horse with her team in developing some fantastic indoor and out qualities. As well as juggling high occupancy she always goes above and beyond with her communication and developing key links with the Head Office team. Sasha has had an excellent year and this award is our way of saying thank you and to recognise all her hard work that she has put into her career to date. Well done

Deputy  Manager of the Year – NATALIE  (Northolt)

Natalie has made such a positive impression with her can do attitude to her work and developing Northolt with the support of her team. Natalie covered maternity cover recently and dealt with some tricky challenges but remained focused, communicated to a high standard and delivered quality. Natalie has also supported with the plan to lead our new nursery Academy Gardens in the New Year and nothing is too much when it comes to recruitment, marketing and communicating with Head Office on and around this. Natalie takes on criticism and praise in a constructive and sincere manner. Well done.

Special Recognition of the Year – HOLLY (Perivale)

Holly is a very well deserving winner of this award as she continually sees the bigger picture and not just her nursery and what her nursery needs. Holly is a passionate practitioner and recently has been promoted to Deputy due to this passion for her own career and others. Holly has heavily supported the closure of Warrender and gone above and beyond with this. She remains focused and committed to supporting others and this needs recognising. Well done

Nursery Practitioner of the Year – MONIQUE (Acton)

Monique displays such warmth and a consistent approach to her professional conduct. Monique is continually highlighted to her management team for having such strong parental relations and developing those key person strengths. Monique is a worthy winner and one day in Monique presence and you can’t but not go away inspired and even better smiling! Well done

Nursery Apprentice of the Year – LAUREN (Chalfont St Peter)

Lauren has gone above and beyond with forming excellent relationships within her nursery and will always take the time and patience when learning new skills and developing her own practice. She has come into contact with various challenging situations and in all of them has really shone and developed. Her team think she is pretty special too. Continue with this hard work Lauren and well done for making such a positive start to your career. Well done

Newcomer of the Year – GEMMA (Chalfont St Peter)

Since Gemma arrived within the company she has shown and demonstrated a real sense of pride, calm manner and a truly professional manner for everyone that she comes into contact with. Gemma has already from such a short space of time put in some excellent tools and practices at Chalfont and we can see these be adopted across the Company. A new nursery is always a challenge and Gemma has certainly rose to it. Well done

Parents Choice of the Year 2017

This is a very special award – voted for by our parents with a winner at each nursery.

  • Mehraj (Acton): “She has made my child feel safe and welcome since she started. She always gives me great insight on how my daughters’ day has been and what she has done. She seems passionate about her job and I feel she is helping my child develop and learn comfortably and cares very much for these children.”
  • Hina (Acton Park): “She is brilliant, extremely attentive and my child adores her. In fact, my daughter said “Hina” way before she attempted to say “mummy”. That’s a good enough reasons, I’d say – She is absolutely made for this job!”
  • Sharon (Chalfont St Peter): “Sharon is exceptional. She always has time for when I call during the day to check up on my son and gives me a fully detailed report. She’s a fantastic multitasker, I never feel rushed with her even though she has to manage other babies and their daily reports too. She has been a significant factor in getting my son settled in nicely and makes me feel really comfortable and satisfied as a parent with the service as well as making our son happy. She is also very alert and really keeps on top of things in a way that is incomparable and I find that very impressive. She really does deserve this award and I really do hope she wins!”
  • Kevin (Hathaway): “Always attentive, loves playing and taking care of my son and always informative when we come to pick up our son. Gives us a thorough breakdown of our boy’s activities during the day and also notices if there are any issues which he thinks our little boy might be affected by. Truly he’s a gem.”
  • Sahra (Hanwell): “Sahra has really stepped up and has grown in confidence. She has an amazing way with the babies and always ensures they are well looked after and that they have the opportunity to take part in a wide variety of activities offering good quality experiences.”
  • Biba (Northolt): “Biba is calm and consistent with my son. I am so pleased she is his Key worker. She even takes the time to get to know me and my family. She is a real asset to Hungry Caterpillar”
  • Rani (Perivale): “She is my son’s favourite and he talks about her all the time! He will go straight to her as soon as we drop him off and enjoys spending time with her”
  • Baljit (Stanburn): “Baljit made my daughter feel really welcome and helped there to be NO tears on the first day! She is caring, kind and helpful”
  • Maria (West Twyford) : “She is always very nice, very polite and very helpful! She has a heart full of love”
  • Cassie (Yeading): “She is friendly, warm and has gone above and beyond to make my daughter feel settled at the Nursery. The things that my daughter has grasped in her company is fantastic!”


Nursery Chef of the Year – VIORICA (Yeading)

The winner of this award has been decided by staff votes based on the  Butterfly Bake Off arranged especially for the Superstar Awards Day. Theme of the day was – Christmas Treats!

Long Service 2017 – 5 Years +


Clare Porter – 5 Years ,  Ela Konyardi – 6 Years,  Lisa Rae – 6 Years,  Natasha Davis – 6 years, Manprit Kaur – 7 Years,  Stevie Langton – 6 years, Natalie Smith – 5 years,  Carly Connor – 5 years,  Chelsey Gilder – 8 years , Dion Williamson – 5 years , Rajvinder Chaggar – 5 years,  Taibah Khan – 5 years ,  Audrey Stewart – 7 years,  Claudine Fearon – 12 years ,  Chloe Chislett – 5 years ,  Samina Malik – 5 years ,  Sam Rumble – 9 years ,  Amy Morris – 5 years ,  Hannah Sutton – 12 years ,  Rasha Zelzale – 5 years.

Best Team Attendance – Head Office


We have had a huge improvement across all sites this year with staff sickness, but we would like to say a Huge well done to our Head Office team with the least amount of sick days throughout 2017! Keep up the hard work!

Attendance 2017

A Huge Well done to the following staff on their fantastic attendance record throughout 2017!

Clare – Monique- Mehrarj –  Sasha – Kinga – Patricia –  Ela – Lauren  B – Kerys –  Manprit – Stevie – Danilo – Sahra – Lauren W- Natalie – Natisha – Biba – Holly M – Chelsey  – Faz- Emily – Eloise – Thilaka – Andreia – Caren – Chris- Amy- Harriet- Sam- Jacki e- Simon – Luis- Jas

Qualifications 2017

A Huge Well Done to the following staff on achieving their qualifications this year, Level 2 Business Administration, Level 2 In Childcare, Level 3 in Childcare:

Mehraj, Acton
Emily, West Twyford
Nancy, Northolt
Elena, Yeading
Chloe Moses, Yeading
Ellie, Yeading
Harriet, Head Office
Khadija, Perivale
Chloe Chislett, Yeading
Dannielle, Yeading
Paige, Chalfont
Lauren B, Chalfont

Thank you – Maintenance 2017

What a year for building, designing our maintenance team have had. A huge thank you to them and I know they are going from strength to strength with their designs! We really do appreciate their work.

Celebrating 2017

We also celebrated what a fantastic year 2017 has been for Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries and our achievements as a company this year. Including:

  • Runner Up for Family Business of the Year Awards (Care Sector)
  • WINNERS of NMT Nursery Employer AND Nursery Group 2017
  • NMT Top 10 Most Influential – Olivia Foley (Founder & Director)
  • Perivale Nursery Graded Ofsted OUTSTANDING
  • Chalfont St Peter joins the Hungry Caterpillar Family

Early Years Direct

We were honoured to have 2 special visitors from Early Years Direct join us on this special day as we explored their amazing resources and awarded our Winning nurseries with prizes from this amazing supplier!



Thank you very much to Founder and Director, Olivia Foley for hosting an amazing ceremony and Thank you to our Director of Childcare & Operations, Chris Roblett for hosting another truly amazing annual Superstar Day!

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