Hungry Caterpillar Superstar Awards 2016


On Friday 9th December, the entire Hungry Caterpillar team gathered at Ealing Town Hall for our final staff training day. The day was dedicated to celebrating the achievements of individuals and nurseries across the company. I’m sure you will join us in congratulating our 2016 winners for their amazing achievements.

 Nursery of the Year – NORTHOLT 


Unless you have experienced it none of us can grasp how difficult it was moving out of the Northolt into a temporary building. The logistics of that move took a massive team effort of can do attitudes, positivity and physical hard work. Not to mention the emotional support they had to give each other, the children and your families during that period. At the beginning of a chilly start to 2016 we were still in the Community Hall and completing the final tweaks to the new look Northolt. Since then, the nursery has moved back and the team has had to face numerous challenges. However the team have moved forward and adopted a highly focused approach with a huge regard for their beautiful new space. The team have achieved amazing consistency in the presentation of their learning environment, notice boards and displays.

The team have consistently listened and taken on board actions from Directors & Senior Management, adopted new ways of working, tweaked layout and met company expectations. You only have to tell Lauren and the team once and they run with it, with amazing results. They have also met the challenge of increasing their numbers with great results and barely a dip in occupancy.  They work as a team and a genuine warmth and joy is felt when chatting with them, discussing future ideas and possibilities.  A thoroughly well-deserved winner who against the odds has shone through. A massive well done to Lauren and the whole team at Northolt!

 Runner Up Nursery of the Year – West Twyford


 West Twyford deserve this award from the strength of Ealing and families testimonies and how they have embraced a virtually all brand new team including a new Management team with good results.   In a recent meeting the Directors had with the head of the attached school, she told us “all the children that join her school from Hungry Caterpillars are arriving well prepared for school.  The contrast between our children and children joining the school from other setting was noticeable. She also highly praised the team for the work done in identifying and progressing support for children with additional needs”.   A well-deserved runner up Nursery of the Year.  Well done Dion and the team at West Twyford.

Manager of the Year – Lisa Rae, Hanwell 


Lisa has shown true professionalism and openness in her role and as a member of our management team. Lisa started her year managing Perivale, a successful nursery providing fun packed, relevant teaching and learning resourced environments, a staff team that worked well alongside her and higher occupancy than the nursery had seen in recent times.  During the summer Lisa was presented with a new challenge; which was to take on our brand new nursery based within Hanwell Children Centre which iss three times bigger than Perivale and includes a baby room.  However this did not phase Lisa, she has taken this challenge in her stride with full commitment and a can do attitude.  We have all witnessed Lisa’s creative skills in action, she never fails to come up with amazing ideas for the children even if that sometimes requires a bit of  shopping in her spare time.   Lisa is a worthy winner of this award and a fantastic example of how you can progress in your career with the right attitude and passion.  Well done Lisa.

 Nursery Practitioner of the Year – Kinga Pisarek, Acton Park 


Kinga underestimates the warmth that her team, families and the senior team at Hungry Caterpillar feel for her.  It is clear that she has a real drive for quality as well as enthusiasm for her practice and profession.  Kinga goes above and beyond the call of duty and is a great team member that strives to get the very best from each and every day.  A huge well done to Kinga!

Newcomer of the Year – Chloe Moses (Yeading), Shirley Needham (West Ealing) & Charlotte Gould (Hanwell) 


  • Chloe Moses (Yeading)
    Chloe has made a really positive impact on the team at Yeading and has demonstrated consistent energy and enthusiasm of her role in the baby room and in her dealings with parents.
  • Charlotte Gould (Hanwell)
    Charlotte has shown a real can do attitude in all that she does. She is always smiling and happy which rubs off on other staff and she greets families with warmth and compassion which is a credit to her and a great example to the rest of the team.
  • Shirley Ann Needham (Hathaway)
    Shirley has brought a real commitment and drive to her role as practitioner at Hathaway. She has a real focus on the children’s needs and interests and delivers fantastic activities for the children.

Parent’s Choice

This is a very special award as it is voted for by our parents with a winner at each Nursery!

  • Nana (Acton): “Nana has been great with my son. I’ve not seen a 19 month old be so happy to be going to nursery, and most of all he has built a great relationship with me. We have excellent communication and that makes me feel good, knowing my son is in great hands when not with me.”

  • Hina (Acton Park): “Hina shows a real love and I know my children are going to get the very best care from Hina. She is amazing and I owe her a big thank you.

  • Kevin (Hathaway): “It is great to see a man working in the nursery. He clearly bonds well with the children, is very friendly and always happy to see my child – he is a superstar”

  • Anne Marie (Hanwell): “She is a very good person, very good with all the children and you can feel the love she has for her job when see or speak with her”

  • Francesca (Northolt): “She is a very caring person and my child talks fondly of her at home always. She is so nurturing and listens to us as parents to get us involved”.

  • Holly (Perivale): “She is really positive, always smiling and gives me and other parents reassurance. Her very bubbly personality is great and makes my daughter laugh”.

  • Ruzna (Stanburn): “Ruzna is very much loved and always has a smile. A dedicated member of staff who understands the needs of our son fully. She has really supported my child’s learning and socialisation since he started nursery”.

  • Rachel (Twyford): “Rachel goes above and beyond for the care of the children and is incredibly genuine with their welfare. She always has words of encouragement and cuddles”

  • Eloise (Yeading): “Eloise has left a lasting impression for the better on my child. She is always informative, very helpful, professional and really tolerant”.


Nursery Chef of the Year – Kalthoum Harizi, Acton

Photo 14-12-2016, 13 58 15

The winner of this award has been decided by staff votes based on the  Butterfly Bake Off arranged especially for the Superstar Awards Day!

Well done to Kate from Acton (Top Right)!

Nursery Team of the Year – Stanburn 


Stanburn thoroughly deserve this Award and what a year they have had! Not only being highly acclaimed by Ofsted this year and receiving an ‘Outstanding’ grading in their March inspection but also as finalist in the Nursery Management Today Awards – Indoor Learning Environment of the Year 2016.  Visitors to Stanburn can’t help but be impressed by the high standard of presentation throughout, the incredible well thought out and developed learning areas, the detailed planning, the quality of staff / child interaction, the happy engaged children and the general feeling of joyfulness and purpose.  In addition there is a real buzz amongst the team as they work together on projects, reflect on their practice and support each other through any challenges or difficulties that may crop up from time to time. Our recent director’s visit left Tim and Olivia feeling 100% confident that Stanburn and the team have everything well under control and truly represent themselves and Hungry Caterpillar as we would all wish to represented.

Most Improved Nursery – Acton Park


When there are changes in management and approach it can present challenges with team dynamics and communication between the team can suffer.  However these and other challenges have been quickly overcome by Sasha and the team particularly evident in the recent months.  The results are impressive to say the least; not only does the learning environment ‘wow you’ it is meaningful, packed solid with relevant, interesting resources and learning opportunities which cant fail to excite and interest the children.  In addition the passion and enthusiasm of the team is evident from the moment you step foot inside the room and is defiantly something that all our teams can learn from. They have shown real determination, have learnt quickly from previous challenges and grown and developed to be the very best that they can be. Through positive, can do, leadership and and great team work the nursery is going from strength to strength. A massive well done to Sasha and the whole team at Acton Park!

Overall Learning Environment – Perivale


Everyone including parents, visitors and Ealing staff walk away with a ‘wow’ in their hearts when they see Perivale’s learning environment both indoors and out. They use their space exceptionally well and come up with ever changing interesting, exciting and purposeful projects. Every board displays oozes the ‘hand’ and is packed full of children’s work. Even with a change in management they continue to work to the same high standard, developing and constantly coming up with ideas and ways in which to maximise teaching and learning possibilities for the children.   Despite their limited door space new things are always happening. They have recently moved areas around and have maximised space and connecting displays that look crisp, uniformed, child led and inspiring. They are a small nursery with a small team which means each practitioner is vital to the success of the nursery with now room for error but despite their size their learning environment packs an almighty punch! Well done to all the team at Perivale!

Best Team Attendance – Head Office


We have had a huge improvement across all sites this year with staff sickness, but we would like to say a Huge well done to our Head Office team with the least amount of sick days throughout 2016! Keep up the hard work!

Long Service Award


This Award recognises members of the Hungry Caterpillar Team that have been with us for over 5 Years! Thank you very much for your commitment, dedication and hard work!

  • Lisa Rae, Hanwell 5years (July 2011)
  • Natasha Davis, Hanwell 5years (February 2011)
  • Sam Rumble, Head Office 8years (June 2008)
  • Manprit Kaur, Hathaway 6years (June 2010)
  • Hannah Sutton, Hathaway 11years (September 2005)
  • Stevie Langton, Hathaway 5years (September 2011)
  • Chelsey Gilder, Perivale 7years (September 2009)
  • Audrey Stewart, Stanburn 6years (December 2010)
  • Ioana Moldovan, Stanburn 5 years (January 2011)
  • Ela Konyardi, West Twyford 5 years (October 2011)
  • Claudine Fearon, Yeading 11 years (February 2005)


Attendance 2016


A Huge Well done to the following staff on their fantastic attendance record throughout 2016!

Nana, Sasha Northam, Lisa Rae, Amie Tunley,  Caren Carpenter, Manprit Kaur, Stevie Langton, Azzedine Tigherassine, Natalie Smith, Natisha Dundas-Allard, Chelsey Gilder, Brianna Chiedozie, Paula Barbu, Audrey Stewart, Ioana Moldovan, Arulrani, Thilakawathy, Ruzna Azward, Dion Williamson, Faz Singh, Gemma Pereira, Michelle Richards, Taibah Khan, Claudine Fearon, Eloise Warner, Kenny Dunton, Tara Pradhan-Lama, Lisa Stewart, Amy Morris, Harriet Law, Sam Rumble, Luis Colaco, Simon Picot, Jackie Picot, Chris Roblett & Jas Padda.

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