Hungry Caterpillar Nursery February 2015 Newsletter

The children at Hungry Caterpillar Day Nurseries have been taking part in lots of creative play this month including, playing in the snow, making pancakes, decorating valentines cards, learning a new language and creating new inventions! 


Acton Nursery
Snow Day

The children at Acton were very excited to see that some snow had fallen during the night and they could not wait to get outside and explore. The children collected the snow and brought some inside and watched to see what happened.


Acton Park Nursery
Pizza Making

Children at Acton Park have been making pizza bread ready to have at tea time, they used tomato base, cheese & peppers if they wanted them.
The children really enjoyed making their own tea and choosing their toppings.
Jessica – ‘I like cheese’ Carla – ‘I don’t like those’ (points at the peppers), Channice (Staff) – ‘When you’ve made your pizza bread where do we have to put it before we eat it?’ Hina (Staff) – ‘Monroe you have to have a special pizza without cheese, but do you want some peppers?’ Monroe – ‘I want peppers’

Hathaway Nursery
Valentines at ‘The Ritz’ at Hathaway

We celebrated Valentines day at the nursery on the 12th of February. Two parents won a grand raffle prize for a romantic valentine’s meal at the Ritz at Hathaway. The Staff prepared and served a delicious two course meal from 6.30pm to 7.30pm, we provided a crèche for the children.
The parents really enjoyed their evening, here’s what they said:
“I just wanted to place in writing a big thank you to everyone at Hathaway involved in our valentine winners dinner back on the 12th February’.A lot of thought had gone into the planning of the event. The food was great (thanks Manprit). Lisa R served the food well and thanks to Ella for looking after Joshua.It was nice to meet parents who have just started on their child’s hungry caterpillars adventure. The two gifts given to us just topped the whole evening off superbly.
Joshua has only six months left at Hathaway so suggest next Valentines is too long to wait to have another competition. Why not St George’s Day and fish and chips possibly?” Christopher Johnson

Northolt Nursery
Book of the month

The children at Northolt have a book of the month and they are role playing this and making the story come to life by painting, role play in the corner and reading the story to their friends. The story of the month is Handas Surprise.
The children have also been trying lots of new fruits at snack time like Mango, Guava, Blueberries, Raspberries, Avocado and Strawberries. Quotes…
“I am making apples and pears”
“I need to use the red for my red apple”
“We need to make fruit from Handas Surprise”
“The monkey eats the Banana”


Northwood Nursery
French Month

This month at the Northwood nursery the children have been learning French and have been saying the colours in French rouge, bleu etc…
We also have a French board and children went to France and saw the Eifel Tower and help make it.
We would also like to thank all parents for their support throughout the move, the children are really enjoying getting involved and helping us packing up toys and we have created books with photos of our new temporary location!”


Perivale Nursery
Pancake Day

The children at Perivale have been making pancakes for Shrove Tuesday. They really enjoyed tasting lost of different fruit on their pancakes. For Valentines Day they all wore red to nursery and made flapjacks and decorated them with hearts.
They changed the home corner into a Chinese restaurant to celebrate Chinese new year. They also got to taste lots of fun foods from China. Like noodles, spring rolls and crackers. They even had a go at using chopsticks!

Stanburn Nursery
Cake Sale

Stanburn Pre-School had great fun hosting a cake sale for our chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital. Our parents were very involved in this event by baking delicious cakes even our mothers who were not confident bakers produced delicious cake. We managed to raise £42.40!
Thank you and well done to all who contributed.



West Twyford Nursery
Staff Training Day

The staff training day at West Twyford was based around safeguarding children and underpinning the legislation around it and the importance of implementing when working with children and their families.
All staff had attended.
The staff members found the training day really helpful, here’s what they said –
“A lot of new information was included”
“The information was really good and related to the setting”
“The training day was very informative”
70% of the staff felt that the training was excellent and the other 30% felt that it was good.

Yeading Nursery
Valentines Day

On the 13th February, the children at Yeading nursery celebrated Valentines Day in style by dressing up in onesies and the staff wore red!
All Staff and Parents each donated £1 for dressing up which goes to our chosen charity, Great Ormond Street Hospital. We also done fun activities like making heart shaped biscuits and valentines cards for our family and friends!
One child who wrote Daddy a Valentines card said “My Daddy is special but I love my Mummy & Daddy”. Another child was very excited to dress up in her favourite onesie said “I wore my onesie, it had Rapunzel on it and was pink and purple because it was valentines”


Warrender After School Club
Smoothie Making

At Warrender after School Club we have been having great fun making smoothies, we’ve been experimenting with some new flavours such as banana and mango and an old favourite of ours, yummy strawberry. They are made using fresh fruit, natural yoghurt, milk and a drop of honey. A few of our children also organised an Invention competition for which they were to create a prototype of their invention, amongst the ideas there was a hands free umbrella, a super turbo jet and a chair that allows you to have a drink without getting up. We are now looking forward to judging each idea and handing out some medals.

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