Religious And Cultural Holidays We Celebrate

Here at Hungry Caterpillars you will see that our Nursery calendar is full of different religious events and cultural holidays.  We believe it is vital to celebrate diversity and make sure all of the young children in our care learn about a variety of cultures and religions; teaching the children about attitudes and behaviours towards those with different identities to their own.

One of the aspects of the EYFS, Understanding the World; encourages childcare providers to help the children to understand one another’s cultures and beliefs in a world that is so diverse. This is where roles of festivals and celebrations are valued; supporting learning and development. Some of our nurseries seen to have been using national dress, alongside age appropriate books to enhance children’s learning.

Most recently, the children celebrated Holi, which they thoroughly enjoyed, learning all about the Festival of Colours. Previously the children celebrated Christmas, where they had a great visit from Santa himself who gave them all a present. Whilst for Diwali the whole nursery was involved by dressing in the traditional clothing. We even had a member of staff go to the House of Commons to represent our nursery at the celebrations!

If you have any more questions about what other celebrations we cover or have an idea on how we can celebrate please let your nursery Manager know.